Mother Tongue

17 May – 31 July 2019

00COV_Mother Tongue - exhibition view

Artists: Norbert Filep, Lucian Popăilă

Location: Sector 1 Gallery

The exposition entitled “Mother Tongue” seeks to highlight alternative methods of observing the act of drawing, built on the broad spectrum of meanings it has gained so far.

“Mother Tongue” is a group project that calls for deciphering encrypted findings. Conclusion: drawing is a tool available to everyone – which hides visual opportunities (and not only) that even artists, sometimes, do not seem to be aware of. We identify in the rhetoric of the drawing similarities with the way of using the mother tongue, where its natural being is assumed and apparently easy to express.
This exhibition prizes the heterogeneous phenomenon of the drawing as a practice of genres differences, highlighting contact surfaces, through variants and variations, which articulates with other media. Whether it’s about writing or notation, lyricism or narration, sign or (de)sign, all pursuits are confined under the auspices of this momentum, but only to highlight a viable media, perhaps the most viable, ought to its unique offer of creative flexibility.

For all these artists, drawing is more than a necessary tool at hand. Clear, direct and concise significance remains a defining trait that bleeds-through their pursuit, leaving, in the same time, space for the difficulty expressing distance between impulse and making.

With Richard Serra’s words … there is no way to make a drawing – there is only drawing … His thought clearly establishes the active dimension of drawing. The movement that originates in an impulse (conscious or not, ideological or formal) seems to be essential not only because of its spontaneous nature, but because it has a dose of awareness that makes it perceptible. It seems to be the most transparent environment from this point of view, unique as openness and potential of expression.

Installation views

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