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Sector 1 is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to contributing to the evolution of Romanian contemporary art. The gallery was founded in 2017 by Andreea Stănculeanu, with the intention of placing emphasis on artistic freedom and creating a constraints free environment for artists. The program focuses on emerging and mid-career Romanian and international artists, and on highlighting important, forgotten voices of the Romanian neo-avantgarde. From its location at the former communist art production complex Combinatul Fondului Plastic in Bucharest, now a growing art ecosystem, Sector 1 warmly welcomes art lovers and new audiences by expanding its exhibition program through talks, workshops, and partnerships outside of the gallery space. Having a history of exhibiting young artists trained in Cluj, the gallery continues to sustain an ongoing, lively dialogue between the artistic scenes in Cluj and Bucharest.


Andreea Stănculeanu


Cristina Bută

Artistic Director

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