Yvonne Hasan - Conscious Beauty

26 September – 09 November 2019


Artist: Yvonne Hasan

Curated by: Adrian Buga

Location: Sector 1 Gallery

After the exhibition Yvonne Hasan from NMCA, where I’ve orchestrated the works in a retrospective effect, I feel the need for a new setting, purified and fluid, in which the result of the artists creation process can be better understood. I want the creative process to imitate the becoming of life itself: Yvonne Hasans life with all the details of the times in which she lived and which she visually chronicled in her artistic work, in her writings, in the woven images, in the colored assemblages, in the collages and her watercolors.

I propose to follow, in her first exhibition in a private space of Sector 1 Gallery, how the artist encapsulates life in a visual journal, preserving the essence of time. If we put in a context the period in which she built her artistic laboratory, it is easier for us to position ourselves correctly with respect to the complete plan of her work. A good friend, Nina Cassian, writes about the artists works: beyond their frames and limits, these objects dream and breathe, tending to be restored, to add to the nature from which they were born, which represents one of the fundamental roles of art : that of enriching our existence with conscious beauty, value and significance.
The objects exhibited here, which dream and breathe, try to unveil themselves to us, both through the authors reason and through their aesthetic and particular force. Even the insertion of the Self-portrait is striking, pointing to time and the ideal of beauty through the package recycled in art: superior product – Monalisa, the soap for sensitive epidermis. The concrete reality of the artist, materialized in her work, is the place where visual thinking is combined with perceptive imagination. It is a cold place, where the artist is anchored daily. This cold place is the mundane life, of the small details that Yvonne Hasan transforms ─ with artistic and conscious means ─ into art.

Through the conscious beauty mentioned by Nina Cassian, we must understand Yvonne Hassans willful effort to sublimate herself in her work. To see, to understand and to be, where to be must be guided towards to be imagined and to be perceived, first by the artist, then by us – the viewers.

Installation views

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