Garden of Unsettled Memories

22 November 2018 – 02 February 2019

Garden of Unsettled Memories - exhibition view.

Artist: Pavel Grosu

Curated by: Maria Rus Bojan

Location: Sector 1 Gallery

More than a simple concept for a show, “ Garden of Unsettled Memories” is, for Pavel Grosu, the symbolic phrase of a homecoming ground of memories, emerging from the depths of consciousness, a private and paradoxical landscape, fingerprinted with multiple directions and meanings. Through an equally recovering and anticipatory approach, the young artist aims to map his space, one of fundamental anxieties, just to out-flavour dormant contents and well seeming forms.

A genuine autobiographical daydream, this show surprises through the plethora of avatars that it crosses: it depicts a thorough and mature artistic itinerary, well articulated, also regarding conceptual issues, outlining the artist’s concerns for a constant innovation, in terms of color expression, but also in a matrix of meanings and significance through an unexpected spatial architecture. The artist uses as a main source of inspiration for his composition collages containing human figures, public gardens, familiar inlands, all in connection with Greek or Roman sculptural artifacts. Recalling that in Antiquity the sculptural forms where painted to provide a 3D copy of reality just to balance the classical manner of painting a frescoe, Pavel Grosu questions once more an old matter: the complementarity between painting and sculpture.
In the process of creation, the artist points that a simultaneous crossing of different levels of perception and reality is occurring and the result is a work of art: the fruit of a superior comprehension which gives a new meaning to the contents of subconscious and imagination.

Living metaphor of consciousness and protected inland “Garden of Unsettled Memories“ acts as a privileged space, with spiritual tensions and dimensions where the viewer becomes a witness to a personal endeavor of unveiling the dialectics between the sensitive and the comprehensible.

Installation views

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