Mapping the paper

28 September – 16 November 2018

Mapping the paper - exhibition view(4)

Artist: Norbert Filep

Curated by: Liviana Dan

Location: Sector 1 Gallery

Minimalist aesthetics and conceptual art have rethought the practice of drawing. Minimalism imposed an essential ethical position and the clarity of conceptual art employed the integration of materiality and texture. Structured by architecture and articulated by geometry, the discourse on drawing became straight, intimate, relevant. Inconspicuous in its presence, drawing remains vulnerable, but negotiates a private reality. Isolated by context the drawing can be an illusion, a fantasy, a representation.

Norbert Filep invented a new language. More constructive than typological. Fascinated by ego and amassment. A diagram, a technical grid acquires an aesthetic logic to produce elegant structures.
Color, tone, visual details are lost during the process of mapping the paper.
The romantic enthusiasm for the fragment becomes an instrument. A catalyst, an argument of the content, of the shape, and again, of the paper.
As with any aesthetic transfer, a bizarre metaphor reveals. Norbert Filep uses the clouds. Clouds as a metaphor for inner life and outer reality.

Installation views

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