Arantxa Etcheverria

Beige Striped Window 2020 Wood, acrylic, plexiglass 56 x 47 x 8 cm


“The sublime dissolution of matter, subsisting in Arantxa Etcheverria’s works, breathes into every concave space, into every vacuum created by the material intensity. Her works seem to be true aesthetic manifestos, in which the structure decants, concurrently engendering mystical and occult references. Since 2013, she has developed an artistic practice related to the modernist architecture of her studio in Bucharest. Whether it is painting, objects, installations or video montages, her works are undoubtedly the result of an in-depth analysis of the geometry of space. Arantxa Etcheverria, comprehensively investigating the architecture of the spaces, acquires works with mastery elements of scenography, the inner space being structured as a systematic exhibition scheme. Her art is not at all ascetic, although it indisputably shows Suprematist or even Constructivist associations. In her compositions is established a third dimension, they appear slightly in relief, or with certain overlapping grids that have surrendered their relationship with the wall to pop-up on the floor.” Domenico de Chirico, Milano, 2020


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