RED DOOR BLUE DOOR, detail_ wood, acrylic, 190 x 152 x 80 cm _ video, colour. Model_ Ada Musat

Arantxa Etcheverria


190 x 152 x 80 cm

Red Door and Blue Door are performance works that belong to an exhibition project titled Apocalypse/Beatus, a series of photo-montages inspired by XIX century Spanish beatuses. „Beatus” is an Iberian manuscript from the Middle Ages where the interpretations of the Apocalypse after Saint John were commented on and deciphered. The Apocalypse is a term that heralds the end of these worlds, but at the same time a new beginning, a supreme happiness. Red Door and Blue Door talk about interpreting these terms in a performative manner, through a guard sitting in front of a door, in a meditative posture. The architectural constructions on which the guards are seated are inspired by two exterior areas of the building where Arantxa Etcheverria has her artist studio, a modernist house built by Marcel Iancu in 1934. The recomposed architectural pieces allow a moment of thought, a pause, a reflection on the lived moment, despite the external movements. (Text – Eugen Rădescu)

Installation views


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