Flow State. Betuker / Gaspar

15 June – 30 July 2017

00COV_Flow State - exhibition view

Artists: Istvan Betuker, Gaspar Szilard

Curated by: Bogdan Iacob

Location: Sector 1 Gallery

Flow state describes the mental state of someone who is fully immersed in a specific activity, being almost completely oblivious of all the rest of reality. Flow is a state of concentration and energetic engagement, however, one in which the person enjoys what he or she is doing to the point of losing track of time, as well as interest for anything else, other than the performed activity, which he or she considers important and deeply meaningful.

“Flow State. Betuker / Gaspar” brings together two artists for whom working in manners that presuppose a full immersion in the process of making art is utterly important, although their approaches are as different as one could imagine: if Betuker Istvan roots his art in a very focused and personal practice of painting, Gaspar Szilard draws on his experience as a boxer to dynamize his use of sculptural materials. The exhibition features a diverse array of artistic media: from painting to sculpture, from photography to performance. The art on display looks deceivingly effortless and unsophisticated. There are simple topics and even traditional genres here, accompanied by simple actions, by a particular dynamism exerted upon traditionally “artistic” materials. The spectacular quality of simplicity is the main takeaway, as one is reminded that good art’s simplicity (like that of sports or craftsmanship) is born out of sophisticated mastery of skill and that its elegance doesn’t need to appear complicated, in order to be acknowledged.

Installation views

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