Oláh Gyárfás



Designer and artist Oláh Gyárfás brought to life the Romanian anachronistic fashion brand Rozalb de Mura. He was the creative power behind the Patzaikin brand, combining fashion with ecotechnology. A universe of pink white surrounded by berries, white hemp and linen, rich yellow. Mixing a contemporary attitude with stardust. As he put it, simply: ‘I took the risk of going modern.’ Oláh Gyárfás has always worked with a baroque-inspired aesthetic, balanced by a comforting, austere minimalism. His spiritual journey took place between the seduction exerted on him by his mother’s tailoring workshop and a Rei Kawakubo type of rebellion. The duality of these two worlds still preoccupies him, as does the play between seduction – anarchy, art – fashion, design – sculpture, item – multitude, identity – trends carried by the wind… Oláh Gyárfás is interested in space, nature, abstract details and the sculptural qualities of texture. Through sculpture, he tries to develop this dual logic, generating well-thought partitions and affective shifts. What remains is color – white, texture – hemp, the array of elegant forms. Structured in a conceptual manner, his work is altered only by a profound sense of emotion. Seen as enigmatic, for him, sculpture remains an aesthetic challenge.


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