Bogdan Vlăduță

Vincent_s Room, 2018, oil on canvas, 210 x 326 cm


Bogdan Vlăduță (b. 1971, Bucharest) is a contemporary Romanian painter. Approaching his practice as an archeologist, Vlăduță creates installations, drawings, paintings and photographs that reveal the relics of the past, both human and man-made. While in earlier works he focused on Romania’s Communist past, becoming known for portraits and cityscapes in a grim palette of grays and browns, since 2013, he started to develop works that respond to themes and elements from Van Gogh’s oeuvre. In a constant interrogation of Van Gogh –whom he sees as a close companion in his practice, he created works in various mediums that draw from his fascination with the Dutch master, yet reveal own concerns and evolutions. These works pose questions about notions of ruin, death, self- introspection and the artist’s path in the world.


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