A journey through Roman cultural and artistic heritage

February 17 – March 31, 2022

Sector 1 Gallery presents the group exhibition IMPRINT. A journey through Roman cultural and artistic heritage. Curated by Domenico de Chirico, the exhibition presents a selection of works by artists Horia Bernea, Alessandro Giannì, Iva Lulashi, Aurelia Mihai, Andrei Pokrovskii, Lucian Popăilă, Nicola Samorì, Paul Timofei, Nicola Verlato and Bogdan Vlăduță. Taking Rome as a true incubator of knowledge and creative inspiration, the exhibition highlights the impact of the cultural and artistic heritage of the Eternal City on contemporary art practices.


Sector 1 Gallery


Baiculești 29, Sector 1

Bucharest, 013193
(inside Combinatul Fondului Plastic)


Domenico de Chirico

“Language, verbal and gestural, is philologically and diachronically defined as the closest communication system that a person has in his service to actively participate in the life of the community they belong to, absorbing its cultural baggage, allowing people to communicate with each other. It is through it that man can express his cultural belonging, his political, cultural, religious ideas, his most hidden and vehement feelings, inside of a microsystem whose evolutionary paradigm is continuous, among archetypes and neologisms that together bring to light the power of language and words. In fact, geographically speaking, the variety of idiomatic expressions has been a fundamental element in the creation of ethnic groups and so-called organized spaces, generally defined as cultural regions. The connection that unites language, society and territory is a special, logically set means to better understand, starting from its own roots, the reality among the events that just took place, current events and premonitions about future developments. The group exhibition “IMPRINT. A journey through Roman cultural and artistic heritage” is based exactly on the above-mentioned principles. The main purpose of the exhibition is to focus on a given space, geographically understood, able to influence certain generations of artists and thinkers, thus giving birth to or shaping certain artistic languages ​​and stimulating creative efforts of various kinds and different entities. Therefore, being the general socio-cultural space marked by an eternal and living culture, both historical and cultural, cities like Rome, and countries like Italy, represented and still symbolize indisputable and heterogeneous magnificence, unanimously recognized. In view of these things, “IMPRINT. A journey through Roman cultural and artistic heritage” focuses precisely on the city of Rome, taken directly as an apodictic and undeniable incubator of knowledge and beauty, which lets itself be conquered by the thrill of a journey exciting in its time, to be able to celebrate the artistic and cultural heritage that distinguishes it.”

Installation Views